Painting & Decorating

We provide all widely understood painting and decorating services with the eye for the smallest of detail. Carrying out the project 100% but also, thanks to our experience and knowledge in all methods and technologies, providing alternatives, new ideas and new ways of doing what’s needed when required by the clients.


All bathroom jobs including plumbing and electrical services. Repairs, tiling, re-plumbing, re-wiring, relocation of the bathrooms and any changes. We will refresh or completely change your bathroom, bringing new ideas into the reality.


Our company makes all kinds of paving, construction of driveways, parking lots and sidewalks. We have qualified staff and professional equipment and machines from renowned brands.


We completed many conversions such as loft conversions, garage conversions, finding solutions even in the smallest of spaces. From already manufactured and chosen by clients products and parts to bespoke furnishing and stairs. We came to the rescue of our clients, left by previous contractors, unable to find a way to complete the projects.


Insulation, disposal and install services. With the use of correct and safe materials we can reduce the risk of freezing or the fire hazard. Insulations of cavity walls, internal walls, loft insulations and many more.


Sometimes just a right floor finish can give you this high end look that you are after. Different methods and materials will work with different spaces. High traffic home areas or cosy bedrooms, high thermal conductivity or classic look of bespoke wooden floor. We don’t just do the flooring, we also carry on the inspections to ensure everything below is safe and as it should be. All done to the highest standards.


More space needed, no problem. Complete re-design or a fresh build. New skylights installation to give a space more natural light. We can give you what you want and need.

Carpentry & Joinery

We have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to carpentry and joinery. Sometimes what a space needs, are bespoke furnishings that will work best in the given space, using it as much of space as possible or giving it the desired finish. Small repairs, fitted wardrobes, walk-in closets and pretty much everything else.


We carried out many complete renovations, where we started with a house from “the old times” that is falling apart, giving it a quality and look of a modern home ready to move in or ready to put in the market for sale. All services included. We worked with the architects to ensure everything was done within the current standards and building regulations. Especially listed houses that have special requirements, we renovated using traditional building methods such as lime plaster.

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